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Hi! My name is Samuel Buzas and I’m a web developer from Youngstown, Ohio. I current live in Cincinnati where I am a fourth year studying Computer Science at the University of Cincinnati. I currently work for Learn21 using C# and .Net to create useful web apps for school administration. I am also a game developer on the side, working with Unity to create web based games and VR/AR projects. I'm very involved with the Computer Science community here at UC, serving as an exec member for ACM-W and President of the UC Game Development Group.

In my free time, I study CS topics, read philosophy, and spend time looking for the perfect cup of coffee.


Latest Blog Post

13 Sep 2018 . tech . Hello World Comments

This is my first official post to my new and improved website. This entire site is made possible by the wonderful systems provided by github pages and Jeykll. I’m going use this blog to document my personal learning and growth. I hope that this blog my prove useful to others, but I have no intention of writing for a specific audience. I’m going to write everything as if I were teaching it to myself since that is the goal. Let’s see how this goes.



  • April - 2020

    This is when I’ll will graduate from UC.

  • Current

    Software Analyst Coop at Learn21

  • Current

    Back-End Developer for Glimmar

  • August 2017 - December 2017

    Software Engineer Coop with ICR

  • August 2015

    Started college at UC!


Drop me an email if you are interested in me coding for you or you just want to say hello!